Reader comments of the “Establishment of PAO Light-Circles”

I wish there were more of us PAO pioneers. 🙂

I read these first reports with joy. Now we are convinced – the PAO Light-Circle will be a success!!! We also hope to establish a Light-Circle in our „difficult“ region. Wish you lots of success and our thanks to the PAO team for your work.

Hello dear PAO team, thanks in advance for this initiative.

I have wanted to bring my light work into a marvellous lighting network for a long time and think this is simply brilliant. Even more it shows us that the holy transformation is well under way.
Am curious, how this runs for real, wish us all divine success, my dears, please keep us up to date…

It is my greatest wish to help

Makes me really happy! LIGHT LOVE BLESSING!

Fundamental to your work: Have been reading the PAO website for some time. They’ve helped me through some difficult times. I hope that you and we can help lots and lots of people.
Heartfelt thanks for your VALUABLE work.
Light and love always win! In the long-term anyway.

Many greetings and congratulations on your challenging idea!

Heartfelt thanks also for your great commitment.

I am very happy about this initiative and to be able to support the earth and people in love in this important time. I thank you from my heart for your fantastic work and your long term efforts.

I want these circles to stand in light and love.

Finally something is set in motion! Super!!

It’s time. Let’s get on with it… 😉

Lots of people who interconnect!

I find this idea – to establish PAO Light-Circles – very important. There’s a lack of local contacts. I would be very happy to get to know other PAO readers in my region.

Let’s get going asap.

That’s a wonderful idea! Light and peace.

I am really happy about this initiative to publish regional reference partners and/or Light-Circles in the German speaking areas on the PAO-Website. This way we can extend the light network and reach more people. I hope that this will become the widest possible base.

I think it’s a marvellous and good thing.
Hopefully lots of people will take part. 🙂

I think it’s a very good measure so that you can finally meet “like minded” people.

Dear PAO team, it is marvellous that now things will get going.

I would be really happy if there was actually a Light-Circle in our region. It’s a difficult region and I can’t share anything. Perhaps you will bring the light here!

I’ve been asking myself for years how I could take part. Maybe this is the opportunity.

Let’s get going, friends!!!

Finally! I haven’t found anyone like-minded so far. It would do to me a lot of good if I could share this interesting topic with others.

I have wanted to meet like-minded people for a long time to work as unit. As I don’t know in the area who is concerned with this, I would be very happy to participate in such a Light-Circle.

It would be very nice to share with like-minded people and do things together and not only over the Internet.
I would like to thank the PAO team for all its work in the last years.

Beautiful idea! Finally I can meet like-minded people. Up to now this whole story has been very lonely. No one in my area takes my stories about the galactic federation of the light seriously – frustrating.

First I would like to thank you all from my heart for the work which you have been carrying out for a long time to inform us. Heartfelt thanks.

I look to the Light-Circle with eager anticipation. Thanks for the hard work with the translations and publications!

Thanks for your foresight.

Very good decision, we have to unite our positive energies!

I would love to take part, the idea is good and right and really beautiful. Would like to take the opportunity to say THANKS for the work of the PAO team, for the information and help from the light.

Continue like that…

I think this project is wonderful because it finally helps me to drop my hesitant behaviour.
I am really happy to get into contact with so many light workers.

Thank you for taking on this work. Light and love!

Let’s convert the powerlessness of each individual into pure energy.

Thank you! A marvellous thing!

Thank you for organising this. I will also transfer the amount feasible for me, since I am very grateful.

I find your work super! I am gladly available for activities of any kind! Take care, all my love.

I would be really pleased if a PAO community could be formed close to here…

I think this idea is good and the execution important. Thanks!

Together and united now working for the LIGHT in an up-till- now unprecedented way. Egypt showed us that one should not give up. “The light of God never fails, never”.

An excellent idea – with people of goodwill considering the big picture in the right place at the right time.

I was really pleased by your news. I would be very happy take part in the PAO Light-Circle.

I think it’s a genuinely good idea, we must now all stand together, above as well as below.

Thanks for your great work and good information!

I think it would be beautiful if we worked together to achieve bigger things.

Thanks for your work!!!

I think it’s fantastic and hope for us that many people will take part.

Thanks for your commitment to a regional meeting. Up to now I only have the one acquaintance who knows me as a light worker and understands the associated activities. I’ve hoped for more contacts with like-minded people for a long time.

I find the approach very good.

I am really excited and ready to support everything which is helpful to our ascent into the light. Great that there is an opportunity to participate.
Thanks for this and heartfelt greetings.

I think the idea of the regional PAO Light-Circle  is really good, and I hope that I can inspire friends with it.

Thanks for starting it!

Concerning the Light-Circles I´d like to say: an outstanding pioneer work as a preparation for the ascent.

Thank you for your work, it is a very important good, particularly at this time…

Thanks for everything; and for the realisation of the PAO Light-Circle!

I believe in the power of collective meditation … I would be pleased to be allowed to contribute to a better world with the means available to me.

I think it is important that groups unite and participate gladly.

To be active in a group with like-minded people and meditate means the energy would intensify. Many fields would be cleaned faster.

I am totally enthusiastic about what you are creating.
We can contribute a lot to this in this way.

Thanks for the opportunity you have made possible here.

In my opinion it is very important that we Light Workers work voluntarily together, to help mother earth with her cleaning with the help of our space brothers and sisters. I hope as many people as possible will follow this call.

I think the idea you want (and will:)…set up is brilliant …It would be really fantastic if we could network better in our own regions.

Important subject. I wish you continuing good luck!!!

I think your ideas about a PAO Light-Circle are fantastic and will naturally take part with enthusiasm!

Excellent! I wish for a more beautiful, better world!

Thanks for the great work you have carried out up till now.