Questions and answers to PAO Light-Circles

A. Indications for the participants of a PAO Light-Circle

1. How do I register for a PAO Light-Circle?
Please make your registration to a PAO Light-Circle only via our registration form („see „Participation“).

2. Can the registration information be seen in the internet?
No. The contact details for the selected PAO Light-Circle will be forwarded to a dedicated PAO Light-Circle advisor, who will contact you afterwards.

B. Indications for PAO Light-Circle advisors:

1. How do I start a PAO Light-Circle?
You need an adequate room and basically be confident to lead a Group. Experiences in dealing with groups are helpful.
It is also important that the advisor has already dealt with the PAO-topics and is willing to bring them in.

2. Are there any trainings for an advisor?
There are no direct trainings currently available. A self-contained procedure of the advisor is being assumed, who – by and by- will develop a group atmosphere with its own style.
Each advisor will be provided with a little „recommendation-package“ on the website. The required link will be sent per e-mail after the registration.

3. Is there any selection procedure for the function for an advisor`s aptitude?
Anyone who has registered him/herself for becoming an advisor by the questionnaire, will receive additional questions, that need to be answered, per E-mail. If his/her advisor’s concept fits in, his/her PAO Light-Circle will be published on the website.

4. What kind of data are being published?
Neither address data nor telephone numbers of the advisor will be published. Only the postal code and city of the PAO Light-Circle meeting can be seen. Only the postal code and city of the PAO Light-Circle meeting can be seen.

5. Can the advisor ask for an energetic balancing (money)?
Basically, this job should be a voluntary work! The profit gained by conscious, spiritual work – together and by oneself at the same time – for the ascension should be enough pay. If costs may occur for food and drink, cleansement or room, we recommend to allocate the costs between the participants.

6. What kind of requirements are linked with the location?
We recommend an environment as quiet as possible, to ensure the peaceful and quiet meditations. Energetically purified rooms are helpful. The access to sanitary rooms is also important. Generally, the costs of the rooms should be held as low as possible. Incurred costs should be fairly allocated between the participants.

7. What size of the room is recommended?
At the beginning, we recommend a room for a new PAO Light-Circle with a capacity of up to 10 persons.

8. How does the advisor receive the registration details of the participants for his PAO Light-Circle?
Everyone who wants to register for a PAO Light-Circle – as advisor or participant – must enter his or her postal code. This helps to find out where interested advisors or potential participants are located. The registration of a participant is then transmitted to the locally closest advisor`s e-mail.
We transmit every registration of a participant directly to the E-mail of the advisor. When creating a new PAO light circle, a selection of registered PAO- pioneers in the vicinity will be forwarded.

9. How quick can a PAO Light-Circle be established?
With the foundation of a new PAO Light-Circle by an advisor, the start is made!
It goes without saying that the desire of an area-wide spreading of PAO Light-Circles , or rather numerous participants, takes time. For this reason, expanded routes may incur for some participants to reach a PAO Light-Circle. We all wish that the spreading will be optimized quickly by many further PAO Light-Circles.
During the past 6 months, according to our empirical values within the Germanspeaking area, we have seen that the number of participants of several PAO Light-Circles could vary a lot. Some have started with 1 or 2 participants, others with up to 10 or even more.