Establishment of regional PAO Light-Circles amongst Light-Workers

Dear Light-Workers,
the Galactic Federation of Light recommends Light-Workers to work together:

Archangel Uriel – the light of God, 13.02.2012 (
„Now comes the time for you to unite. You will be able to give help, energy, love and safety to each other. When you meet for common meditation or even only for exchange, my siblings and I will be with you and give support.
You will have noticed for some time that common meditations have increased in energy. This will now be amplified to a great extent. The Light-Groups will be the ones to cause the planet´s rising. I ask you, my beloved beings, to summon the angels and archangels into your circle when coming together – and we will be there!
Let us meditate together and create the new world. We will inspire you and your creativity will design your future. For us, you are the anchor to Gaja and your invitation is our permission to act. The purer you are as a canal, the greater the energy will be, the brighter the light will beam. Align with each other, become aware of your opportunities!“

S. Nidle, 03. 05.2011:
„Use your knowledge along with your innate and learned abilities to make your communities aware of what is going on around them. Come together to form a group. This can be either one or two, or many. Use thelike-minded among you to create programs which bring these subjects to your community’s attention. Here, ‚community‘ can refer to a town or city, or even a much larger area. Whatever the case, be creative. Start by simply doing a service for the community, and then use this as a starting forum for the information you wish your community member, be creative. An art display or brief video can be very effective. The key is to express your joy!“

Salusa, 09.03.2011:
„…We have often spoken of people power, and it has never been as strong as it is at present“…“and this is where your Internet comes into its own. Its value is in its ability to draw hundreds, if not thousands of people together in a common cause…“.

The PAO-Team has made it its business to realise a carefully planned project. It is our goal to establish regional PAO Light-Circles amongst Light-Workers all over the world in oder to bring the PAO readership together and hence achieve the expansion to a powerful community of PAO Pioneers.

The time for this is now!

So join us and become one of the first PAO Pioneers! 🙂

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (sirian: Be One! Be joy!)